Updated Rules

Since we are a German tournament, one thing is of particular importance to us – REGELN!!! Thus, we gave our custom LaBox rules from 2016 a little facelift. Check them out here: //www.labox.goettingen-lacrosse.de/de/regeln/. Nothing has been changed too much though: We mainly clarified the regulations for the goalie equipment. This year, we will allow box lacrosse protective gear, however no box goalie sticks. It is now also explicitly allowed to have male goalies in the women’s games and vice versa.

LaBox 2017 confirmed

Boom! We are stoked to be able to announce the date for the 11th LaBox 2017: In this year, our pre-Christmas lacrosse celebration will take place between December 8th and 10th! The invitations just left our outbox, the preparations are already at full blast. Stay tuned and visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

Did your team not receive an invitation? No worries, you can check it out here!

Hall of Fame has been updated!

Our hall of fame got its last update three years ago.  After this very long break we are proud to present the final tournament ranking 2016! We hope that everyone will work hard to take home one of our beautiful nutcracker lacrosse players in 2017 !

>>Hall of Fame

LaBox shirts have arrived!

You probably still remember these great LaBox shirts you ordered, right? They have finally arrived and you can be even more excited about LaBox 2016!

Everyone who has ordered one can pick it up at the Tournament and everybody else who will be delighted by the great design on LaBox itself can still purchase one there for 15€.

Schedule always up-to-date

Finally you can know which teams await you at LaBox 2016! The Schedule has arrived!

But things are even better: As promised we partnered up with Pointbench to make everything for you as easy as possible. You can just grab you phone and take a look at every match and every statistics of men and women teams of LaBox 2016 using our online service. Just take a look who you’re going to play against or who scored most.

Everything always online right after the games, always up-to-date always on your fingertips. Enjoy it.

Many thanks go to Petr Tahal from Pointbench who gave us the tool and knowledge to implement everything nicely for you!

Men’s Pick-up Team

Heads up! We’ve opened up a men’s pickup team at the LaBox indoor lacrosse tournament and are looking for players! The games will take place on December 10th and 11th in Göttingen, Germany. It’s only 30€ for a weekend of lacrosse, including accommodation in a gym and free entrance to two parties. There will be 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams from Germany, Poland, and Scotland playing in two halls. Don’t miss the chance – tell your friends and join us at LaBox 2016!

Application: Write a mail to labox@goettingen-lacrosse.de


As everyone knows, Lacrosse is 30% strategy, 40% strength, 50% team-spirit and 70% style. That’s why we make everything nice and stylish  and take care that you still look great in your stinky lax-gear.

Something you can still show around proudly when even your LaBox-bruises are already gone is the LaBox-Bracelet!

With these great bracelets you can access all areas for the players and of course get to the party locations!

Who will crack LaBox?

To win the LaBox is like cracking a hard nut: It requires a lot of power.
We went through a lot to find the right price for the winning teams. Travelling and thinking through all of Germany we found a tipical saxonian Lax-nut-cracker a perfect fit. Who cracks the nut of winning LaBox should crack some more!