Pictures of LaBox 2017

Award Ceremony
LaBox 2017 Siegerehrung
1st Generation Lax vs. Officer Snickers
LaBox 2017 1st Generation Lacrosse vs. Officer Snickers
BLAX vs. RetronixenLaBox 2017 Damen Retronixen vs. BLAX
Dresden Braves vs. RetronixenLaBox 2017 Damen Dresden Braves vs. Retronixen
Dortmund Wolverines vs. RetronixenLaBox 2017 Damen Dortmund Wolverines vs. Retronixen
Officer Snickers vs GöttingenLaBox 2017 Damen Göttingen Lacrosse vs. Officer Snickers
Hamburg vs. LeipzigLaBox 2017 Damen Hamburg Deerns vs. ATV Leipzig Lacrosse
Aachen Eagles vs K-Town LadyjacksLaBox 2017 Damen K-Town Ladyjacks vs. Aachen Eagles
K-Town Ladyjacks vs. RoLaxLaBox 2017 Damen K-Town Ladyjacks vs. RoLax


Scottland Grizzlies vs GöttingenLaBox 2017 Herren Scottland Grizzlies vs. Göttingen Lacrosse
Dortmund Wolverines vs. GöttingenLaBox 2017 Herren Göttingen Lacrosse vs. Dortmund Wolverines
Glachs vs. Göttingen LacrosseLaBox 2017 Herren Glachs vs. Göttingen Lacrosse
Cebulax vs. BLAXLaBox 2017 Herren Cebulax vs. BLAX
Cebulax vs. Aachen EaglesLaBox 2017 Herren Aachen Eagles vs. Cebulax
BLAX vs. Dortmund WolverinesLaBox 2017 Herren BLAX vs Dortmund Wolverines
Cebulax vs. Dortmund WolverinesLaBox 2017 Herren Dortmund Wolverines vs. Cebulax
Aachen Eagles vs. BLAXLaBox 2017 Herren Aachen Eagles vs. BLAX
K-Town Lumberjacks vs. Graz
LaBox 2017 Herren Graz Lacrosse vs. K-Town Lumberjacks
Referees and UmpiresLaBox 2017 Referees and Umpires
LaBox 2017 Goalies
Photo Booth
LaBox 2017 Photo Booth