Hall of Fame

Not only who finally comes to hold the famous nutcracker trophy deserves respect – Here we want to honor all teams who participated in the past editions of LaBox!


Women: Men:
1. Spreewölfe 1. The Länd
2. Retronixen 2. Braunschweig
3. Poznan 3. Taters
4. BLAX 4. Göttingen+Friends
5. Victorious Secret 5. Marbroro
6. Lion Queens 6. Glachs
7. Sharknados 7. Fighting Steirisch
8. Göttingen Almunae 8. Hannover Gardeners
9. Leipzig 9. Dortmund
10. Bonn 10. BLAX
11. Turbofüchse 11. Bonn
12. Göttingen 12. Victoria


Women: Men:
1st Retronixen 1st Freiburg
2nd Poznań Hussar Ladies 2nd GLACHS
3rd BLAXettes 3rd BROLG
4th Leipzig Lacrosse 4th Prachtsternschnecken
5th Bonn 5th Poznań Hussars
6th Dresden Braves 6th BLAX
7th Victorious Secret 7th Dortmund Wolverines
8th PickUp-Team 8th Bonn Lions
9th Uni Göttingen  
10th Göttingen Alumnae  
11th Southside Lacrosse  
12th Octocoladas  
13th Hannover  
14th Kosynierki Wroclaw  
15th Rostock Seals  
16th Turbofüchse Jena  


Women: Men:
1st Retronixen 1st BLAX
2nd Aachen 2nd Prachtsternschnecken
3rd BLAX 3rd BROLG
4th Sparkling Unicorns 4th Aachen
5th Göttingen 5th GLACHS
6th Octocoladas 6th Dortmund Wolverines
7th ATV Leipzig Lacrosse 7th Bonn Lions
8th Ladyjacks 8th Göttingen
9th RoLax 9th K-Town Lumberjacks
10th Seagirlz 10th ATV Leipzig Lacrosse
11th Henrique Iglesias 11th Fighting Steirisch
12th Lällequeens 12th Scotland Grizzlies


Women: Men:
1st Retronixen 1st BLAX
2nd K-Town Ladyjacks 2nd GLACHS
3rd BLAX 3rd Dortmund Wolverines
4th Dortmund Wolverines 4th Cebulax
5th Aachen 5th One Night in Perez
6th  Göttingen 6th MarBroRo
7th Officer Snickers 7th Prachtsternschnecken
8th Hamburger Deerns 8th K-Town Lumberjacks
9th Sparkling Unicorns 9th Aachen
10th RoLaX 10th Göttingen
11th ATV Leipzig Lacrosse 11th Scotland Grizzlies
12th 1st Generation Lacrosse 12th Fighting Steirisch


Women: Men:
1st Retronixen 1st Glachs
2nd Sparkling Unicorns 2nd Leipzig Lacrosse
3rd Blaxforest 3rd Blax
4th BLAX 4th MarBroRo
5th Göttingen Alumni 5th Marburg Saints
6th Dortmund Wolverines 6th Göttingen Lacrosse
7th SharKira / Kölnige 7th Aachen Eagles
8th Göttingen Lacrosse 8th Scotland Grizzlies
9th Aachen Eagles 9th K-Town Lumberjacks
10th Officer Snickers 10th Prachtsternschnecken
11th Leipzig Lacrosse 11th Dortmund Woverines
12th Brunswick 12th Pick-Up Team


Women: Men:
1st Cologne 1st Cologne
2nd Neckar Nixen 2nd Glachs
3rd Pickup-Team 3rd Hamburg
4th Heidelberg 4th Cannstadt
5th Brunswick + Kassel 5th Göttingen + Kassel
6th Dresden + Göttingen 6th Leipzig + Brunswick