LaBox Shirts

Pre-ordered Shirts are here! Pick them up at the Tournament!

LaBox shirt front

LaBox-Shirt front

A trip to Göttingen always is worth remembering. Is there anything better to remember a great tournament then a beautiful event-shirt?! For exactly that reason we have sharpened the pencil and have designed a Tournament-Shirt for you!

To make sure that we are not selling crappy quality we pre-ordered two of them wore them out a little and bought them two tickets to the local laundromat. Now that they passed these strict tests of German sun and engineering we can wholeheartedly announce: We have got a great LaBox-Shirt for you!

LaBox-Shirt back

LaBox-Shirt back with not so true teams

If you are as convinced as we are that this nice piece of fabric will make you look even better, you can per-order it for a discount price of 12€ each buy one at the tournament for 15€ each. Pre-orders can be picked up at the tournament.

You can find details on the sizes down here.

LaBox-Shirt full

LaBox-Shirt made from 97% cotton and 3% polyester

Women Men
Größe Weite Länge Größe Weite Länge
XS 41,5 62 S 48,5 69,5
S 44 63 M 53,5 72
M 46,5 64 L 56 74,5
L 49 65 XL 61 77
XL 51,5 66 XXL 66 78,5