Tournament mode

Below, you will find a short description of the tournament mode.

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Pool play

During pool play, teams will be assigned to four groups of three teams each. They will play a round robin, i.e. each team will face every other team in its group once. Teams will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss. Group placement will be determined by (in descending order)

  1. points
  2. direct comparison
  3. goal difference
  4. goals scored
  5. fewest goals conceded
  6. fewest fouls
  7. coin toss

Group winners directly qualify for the quarterfinals. Second and third place finishers can still qualify for the quarterfinals in a play-in round.


Second and third place finishers will play each other in the play-in round. Winners will advance to the quarterfinals. Losers will play for places 9-12 in the Lower Bracket.

Lower Bracket

Teams will compete for places 9-12 in the Lower Bracket. Each team will play once against every other team. The tie break procedure is identical to the one outlined above.


In the quarterfinals, teams will qualify for the upper or mid bracket. The group winners will face the winners of the play-in games. The winners of the quarterfinal games will play the semifinals, the third place game and the final in the Upper Bracket. Losing teams will play for places 5-8 in the Mid Bracket.

Mid Bracket

The quarterfinal losers will play each other. The losers of these games will compete for 7th place, the winners for 5th place.

Upper Bracket

The quarterfinal winners will play for a place in the final. The losers of the semifinal games will compete for 3rd place. The winners will advance to the final and play for the tournament title.


In case of a tie in play-in, quarterfinal, mid bracket, and upper bracket games, a shoot-out will determine the winner.


Name: Alexander Frey

Club: ABV Stuttgart

Ref since 2004

Certification: Men’s field (WL2), Sixes (L2) and box (L1)

What’s your favourite memory as a ref/umpire? I have many – but the nicest gesture/memory is a sincere “thank you” at the end of a game


Name: Etti (Marietta Gedding) 

Club: I used to play for Münster until last year. Now, I just ref. 

Ref since 2012

What level ref/umpire are you? level 3 ref for womens’ field lacrosse and level 2 for Sixes

What’s your favourite memory as a ref/umpire? Sixes tournament in Faro this year

Zebra-Crew Part 2

Name: Tabi

Club: TW Göttingen Lacrosse

How long have you been a ref/umpire? 2019

What level ref/umpire are you? SL2 and UL2

What’s your favourite memory as a ref/umpire? Officiating the German-Czech Cup last year with Nika, Anke and Wiebke and the Playoffs this year.

Also an interesting memory: Requesting the players to remove jewelry during a stick check and getting this question: “So…should I also take out my genital piercing?”

Zebra-Crew Part 1

Name: Annika Mangold-Döring (Nika)

Club: Wageningen Warriors

Ref since 2016

Certification: Women’s field (L2), Sixes (L2), Men’s field (L1)

What’s your favourite memory as a ref/umpire? The semifinal game at the KGC in Barcelona. A top-notch, fast and intense game between England and the Czech Republic