Equipment Exchange

Looking to boost your holidays funds? Use our equipment exchange to sell your used lacrosse equipment!

What can I sell?
Used lacrosse equipment (sticks, helmets, other protective gear) and shoes in good condition as well as pinnies, jerseys and teamwear/merch. Please make sure that helmets and protective gear are still safe to play with! Please take your unsold items with you at the end of the tournament.

How does selling stuff work?
You drop your equipment at the information desk and tell us the price. We will add a price tag and an article number to every item. Our crew will then take care of the sale. You decide whether you want the money in cash, via PayPal or via bank transfer.

How can I buy something?
The information desk will be permanently staffed while games are going on. You can stop by to browse anytime and pay for items with cash, PayPal or debit card.