LaBox 2017 – Recap

Two days, 24 teams, almost 300 players – Göttingen Lacrosse organized LaBox back in December 2017. The indoor tournament held at Felix-Klein-Gymnasium brought together 12 women’s and 12 men’s teams from Germany, Austria, Poland, and Scotland who competed for the highly coveted LaBox trophy.

Most participants were especially happy with how well-organized LaBox was. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that the organizing committee put a lot of time and effort into the tournament: Everything was planned in detail, from the colour scheme to personalized shift schedules for almost 40 helping hands. Our social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo kept everyone up to date before and during the tournament.

One of the highlights was Brian Witmer’s visit, who came all the way from the States to promote the Lacrosse World Games 2018. However, Brian also picked up a stick at LaBox and joined the Scotland Grizzlies in order to take on other teams on the field. Brian published this awesome article about LaBox on LaxAllstars – thanks Brian!

LaBox 2017 saw many intense games – from a clear 11-2 win for the women’s defending champions Retronixen over Officer Snickers to a really close men’s semifinal in which Polish team Cebulax lost 2-3 to the Dortmund Wolverines. In the end, Retronixen were able to defend their title with a 13-2 win over the Kaiserslautern girls, while BLAX won the men’s tournament 3-2 against the Göttingen alumni team GLACHS, the 2016 champions. For Göttingen, playing wasn’t the most important part – our focus was on making sure everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time. The Göttingen boys finished 10th, while the girls came in 6th. However, boys and girls more than deserved a gold medal in organizing!

After two days of lacrosse, a get-together on Friday and a players’ party on Saturday, the teams went home on Sunday. The Göttingen girls and boys would probably have loved to bike home and go to bed as well, but part of hosting a tournament is cleaning up. Thanks to many helping hands, we were done around 9 pm and could bring LaBox 2017 to an end with a well-deserved team dinner.

Max concludes: „We were happy to take one more step to professionalizing and establishing the tournament in 2017. Once again, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and we’re glad that almost 300 players had a great weekend. We were especially happy with the growing number of international teams and Brian’s well-received article on LaxAllstars.”

See you at LaBox 2018!