Vorbestellung Northern Soul

Wir freuen uns, dass Northern Soul auch dieses Jahr wieder als Vendor beim LaBox dabei ist! Bis zum 11.11., 18 Uhr, könnt ihr vorbestellen. Bitte lest euch dazu folgende Nachricht von Northern-Soul-Vertreter Chris gut durch.

Dear Teams,

Northern Soul will once again be attending LaBox this year. Unlike last year, we will be able to attend both days of the tournament.

Since Brexit, it is proving more and more difficult for the full Northern Soul shop and as you have seen at many European Tournaments now, we bring a smaller shop.

To avoid disappointment, we will once again offer our Pre-Order option where we can guarantee (if we have it within stock) arrival in time for the tournament.

If you have any pre orders, please e mail me with your requests before Saturday 11th November at 18:00. Any requests after this time may/may not make it unless we already have it in stock here.

We will of course have on site sales as well and look forward to seeing you at the final tournament of 2023.

Many thanks,

Chris Webborn
Northern Soul
EU Rep

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