Who will crack LaBox?

To win the LaBox is like cracking a hard nut: It requires a lot of power.
We went through a lot to find the right price for the winning teams. Travelling and thinking through all of Germany we found a tipical saxonian Lax-nut-cracker a perfect fit. Who cracks the nut of winning LaBox should crack some more!

Hall of Fame

Who did actually win the last LaBox?! Check it out in our new Hall of Fame! And only in a few mont from now you can make sure your team’s name appears right on the top!

Players-Party Location confirmed

EinsB mit MenschenGood parties are an essential part of every lacrosse tournament. Therefore we put together a partyplan for the entire weekend – including a meet&greet party on Friday and an even bigger fullscale party on Saturday.

Plans are sharpening now and we are happy to announce the locations now:

Freihafen (without crazy Lacrossers)

Freihafen (ohne partyverrückte Laxer)

The big lax-party on Saturday is going to take place at a venue called “einsB“! Continue reading

So it begins…


It’s been three years since the last wild LaBox tournement – and now it’s back! Labox 2016 awaits you – bigger than ever – on two playing fields with 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams participating.

This is the offical webpage of LaBox 2016.

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